Ableton debuts Live 9 and Push

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Due to the mind-blowing nature of today’s technology, its relevancy to EDM and needless to say the massive hype behind this specific launch, we made a point to attend the launch of Ableton’s latest live production program Live 9 as well as its corresponding component Push. Bringing in local Ableton representatives, instructors and one very special “mpc-ist” Ableton and Full Sail University went into depth discussing the key new features of Ableton’s latest development.

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Certified Ableton Live trainers Joey Paranoia and Will Doggett began the event with overviews of key difference between current and previous models, showcases of new styles and a few quick demonstrations of use. Between the sheer anticipation of the product, the event set up and energy, students, producers, developers and staff attended in what was actually a first look at product that will not be available for another month. While we are not Ableton professionals we did manage to understand the ease of use, ingenuity, efficiency and sleek design of Push.

Here are a few key points:


1. Added “Shift”, which like a keyboard adds an entire new set off key commands

2. Bright light up keys, highlighted only when applicable, color coded and rectangular for two finger tap

3. Drum pad is velocity sensitive (harder you hit, louder it sounds)

4. Quantize button allows for easy synchronization with tempo

5. Session Automation records filters, creates loops

Live 9: 

1. “Command F” opens newly designed, easy to navigate browser

2. “Max For Live” is now free with purchase of Live 9

live 9

To fully get an understanding for the live performance side of Ableton’s new toys, DiViNCi (producer/MPCist of Solillaquists of Sound) made an appearance, answered some techincal questions and blew us away with a more than adequate live demonstration.

[Push] brings back my childhood days … that is really what is so great about it” – DiViNCi

Currently working with miss Lauren Hill on production and live performance DiViNCi has been acclaimed at one of the best MPCist of his kind, and it showed. “As soon as you start twisting knobs, it really becomes your own” stated DiViNCi on the device’s usability. Explaining the exceptional amount of designated buttons, (Add Track, Add Effect, Delete, Duplicate) the musician let us know the process really has been made a lot easier than it looks.

– Available in stores March 25. Learn more, pre-order tomorrow here: –

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