It is my great pleasure to introduce the newest member of the Get Lifted Tonight team, Amarou! Born Jan Francisco Anduaga, in a town called Lund in Sweden, Jan has been playing music from a very young age. Amarou once recalled, “At the age of six, his mother took him to a public music school to get him to start playing an instrument. After trying a couple of different instruments he was sure that his choice would be the piano. Without knowing, he had taken his first step into becoming a producer. ” By 18 he has developed the means necessarily to set himself forth on the trek to house production and at this point (Age 21), equipt with Avid’s Pro Tool 8, his weapon of choice we are seeing even more of Amarou’s true colors.


Releasing tracks on a number of labels including Tune Records, Marbet Records and Soul Shift Music, Amarou has been releasing tracks under genres from electro-house to House to progressive-house. In fact, Amarou’s single, “Tokyo Subway” went as far as to be included in Soul Shift Music’s Winter Music Conference 2011 Collection. Currently climbing the charts of Beatport and networks of the globe, Amarou has been continuely producing fanominal sounds; and now, as Get Lifted Tonight’s exclusive featured artist we’ll be pushing his music even farther.


Look forward to lots of new tracks, Videos, Interviews and more from Get Lifted Tonight’s very own, Amarou!!

Amarou – Toyko Subway (Original Mix)

Amarou – Yukatan

Amarou – Mokutan


Amarou – Rinkebi [See Soundcloud]




Copyright feat. Tasita D’mour – We Can Rise (Amarou Remix)