BenZel – If You Love Me (Xaphoon Jones + Grave Goods Remix)


Wow. BenZel, comprised of Umi Takahasi and Yoko Watanabe, is blowing my mind right now. According to their soundcloud profile, the two are originally from Osaka, Japan and casually found each “on an online message board about ankle socks” which then naturally progressed to a conversation about their mutual love for 90’s R&B and J. Dilla. BenZel began receiving attention three months ago after collaborating with UK’s Jesse Ware, for “If You Love Me”. The song is slow and soulful but if you ask me, the magic really happens in Xaphoon Jones and Grave Goods’ remix of the song. The beats are powerful, the melody nostalgic, and those horns… Can’t wait to see what comes next from these two.


Check out both versions here:


Also James Blake + Wiz?! This snippet is such a tease:

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