DJ SNAKE vs PRODIGY & MERCER – Breathe (Parisian Vision)


DJ Snake’s new revamp of Mercer’s remix of Prodigy is fantastic. Hats off to Breaux for creating the original, and snag the free download below. DJ Snake is one of our favorites however; for coming through with phenomenal works and providing sets that ignite crowds across the world. Listen below and decide for yourself – either way, you’ve got to love this gem.

Update: Apparently Mercer send DJ Snake the steams to create a live edit. The remix was never supposed to be uploaded, and Breaux and Snake are on the same page. Enough nonesense, listen:

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One Response to “DJ SNAKE vs PRODIGY & MERCER – Breathe (Parisian Vision)”

  1. Dj snake knows how to mix and master better the breaux. Way louder.

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