Dog Blood – Middle Finger Pt. 2 EP


Prepare youselves, the future is here. Now that you’ve been warned, dive into the blend of anger, distortion, genre-mashing and mind-blowing creativity that is Dog Blood. For those who are unfamiliar completely with the ‘Lords of Dogtown + Z Boys‘ of EDM, Dog Blood is the genius project of Skrillex and Boys Noize, with which the two have begun headlining festivals and experimenting new sounds with.

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With Middle Finger Pt. 2, their latest EP which leaked today, the two deliver a couple new original pieces and commission their favorite sound twisters for remix duty. Shred Sled, a heavy metal take on electro music blasts heavy chords alongside bleeps and bloops and jaw clenching raises. Raw and powerful as ever, the tempo quickly shifts into mosh pit inspiring, rage happy refrain that we’d all like to see live. Chella Ride takes a bit of a turn into break beat with a trap chorus and chops that lay the base for glitchy vocals and sampling. Both show enormous complexity and creativity, as expected from the two veteran producers.

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Middle Finger Pt. 2 , the title track, is one we’ve all heard plenty of over the past few months. From growling samples to organ melodies to blaring techno synths, Middle Finger Pt. 2 might just be one of the greatest things to come out of the Dog Blood camp yet. To make our day even better, we’ve got The M Machine AND Millions Like Us (a personal favorite) to compliment the original. A happy day for electronic music. Stay Lifted!

Dog Blood – Shred Sled (Kill Em With The Beat)

[audio:|titles=Shred Sled (Kill Em With The Beat)|artists=Dog Blood]

Dog Blood – Chella Ride

[audio:|titles=Chella Ride |artists=Dog Blood]

Dog Blood – Middle Finger Pt. 2

[audio:|titles=Middle Finger Pt. 2|artists=Dog Blood]

Dog Blood – Middle Finger Pt. 2 (The M Machine Remix)

[audio:|titles=Middle Finger Pt. 2 (The M Machine Remix)|artists=Dog Blood]

Dog Blood – Middle Finger Pt. 2 (Millions Like Us Remix)

[audio:|titles=Middle Finger Pt. 2 (Millions Like Us Remix)|artists=Dog Blood]

Dog Blood – Middle Finger Pt. 2 (Trapmasters Remix)

[audio:|titles=Middle Finger Pt. 2 (Trapmasters Remix)|artists=Dog Blood]

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