[Since Resolved] EDC Founder Pasquale Rotella to Face Over 13 Years In Prison


BREAKING: Following a court proceeding and a hefty $1.8 Million bail out, Pasquale Rotella, Insomniac Events CEO and founder is being faced with 29 accounts of bribary, embezzelment, conspiracy and conflict of interest. While the company has been rumored to have had rocky times in Los Angeles behind the scenes, it seems the facts are beginning to come out publicly and are looking extremely costly.

“Rotella, owner of Insomniac events, allegedly used more than $2.5 million in funds from the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum towards paying off city officials. According to reports, he used the coliseum to host raves or all-night parties.”

While the final numbers with come in July 29th at a hearing, Pasquale Rotella and five other co-conspirators will likely spend over a decade in prison if found quilty on allegations. Just yesterday Rotella and fiance Holly Madison (a famous Playboy figure) announced their plans to marry after the birth of their child this past March.

“Rotella’s attorney, Gary Jay Kaufman, said the charges are “politically motivated and publicity driven” and feels confident his client will be found innocent.”

However, innocent is the last way the city of Los Angeles is feeling like describing Rotella. While he may have been only arrested this past March, the drug-related 2010 death of one 15-year-old Sasha Rodriguez at an Insomniac show led the company through 13 months of investigation and endless shots of foul play, which in the end has led to where the CEO and his five team members are today. For everyone’s sake, we hope such violent accusations are much less scary than they seem.

Live Nation To Buy Stake In Insomniac Events

What this will mean for Insomniac, whether it will sway buyouts from Live Nation and how it will impact the future of EDC events are still to be seen. Stay tuned for details as they present themselves. Neither Insomniac Events or Pasquale Rotella have release statements, official or unofficial. What a week for news!

via NY Daily News, Rolling Stone

87 Responses to “[Since Resolved] EDC Founder Pasquale Rotella to Face Over 13 Years In Prison”

  1. Well, that just plain sucks.

  2. Cannot say I did not see this comming.

  3. Cannot say I did not see this comming.

  4. Assholes like this is what makes EDM events as a whole look bad to the rest of the nation. Besides, this isn't plur in the slightest.. dude deserves everything he gets in my opinion.

    • Derek Jones says:

      Lock his ass up!

    • Derek Jones says:

      Lock his ass up!

    • Ryan Bucatti says:

      Lmao what? You weren't even born yet when Pasquale started going to raves. He's why EDM events look bad to the rest of the nation? He's one of the big reasons that EDM is even known about to the nation right now. I remember him promoting EDM 13 years ago when I started going to shows. I'm not trying to kiss his ass, but you probably wouldn't even know about PLUR if it wasn't for him.

      LA has some shady political practices, so at the very least, maybe you can hold off your comments about him being an asshole until he's at least actually convicted of any charges. You know, that whole "innocent until proven guilty" thing we have here?

    • I understand your point of innocent until proven guilty, and I agree, but multiple charges don't just get thrown around willy nilly.. Not to mention they don't just establish a 1.4 million dollar bond for no reason either.. None the less, he may have been born before me and putting in countless hours of work, but I assure you that he isn't even the reason I know of plur. You can't just assume what I know, where I learned it, or even who's responsible for the knowledge that I've gained.. and for you to do so isn't fair in the slightest mr.bucatti. I became apart of rave culture 10 years ago, when I was 12 years old. Im not saying he's a bad guy as a person, and what he's done for the rave community has been impeccable, but as for as a business man.. those are clearly bad ethics, and as I said "not plur in the slightest."

      It's not fair for you to attack me with accusations, only for speaking my opinion and you need to learn to oppose a better argument than "he's the reason I know of plur" The reason I know of plur is because of the thousands of countless people who've shared experiences with me. If anybody should be accredited, it's the artists.. not this dude. From what THEY"VE brought to us, and built is what we've gained.

      Bottom line: Yes he's done a lot for the rave community, yes he's done a lot for rave culture.. but is the proprietary reason edm events are known to me and the nation.. Absolutely not. Do you even understand where these charges arose from? If you read the whole thing, you would clearly see that this has been an ongoing thing, through the audit than has been brought on by the death of a minor.. That shouldn't have even been at the event in the first place. This sort of thing doesn't just pop up, it's brought on after observation. Learn your facts.

    • Ryan Bucatti says:

      Well, you're right that charges like this don't just get thrown around randomly, but if anything, this just shows the shady politics that goes on, a much bigger issue than just our EDM world. I don't really need a better argument at the moment, simply because he hasn't been convicted of anything. Let's talk about what he has done after the court has actually decided on if, and what he has done. This is all speculation at this point.

      I will continue making the assumption that what you know about rave culture is partly due to him. Not directly, but he is one of the main people to have bring EDM to the masses. It wouldn't be what it is today without him, and for that, you, me, and just about everyone into it today know about it in part thanks to him. I never "attacked" you with accusations, I have nothing negative to say about you, just simply stating that the EDM scene would look much different today if he hadn't helped make it what it is right now.

      As for what makes our culture unappealing to the nation, I would say that the nation would look pretty unfavorably on a 12 year old being a part of rave. That's not a knock at you, I started going to shows and parties around 13 years ago when I was 15, but that is not something that is doing "rave culture" a favor as far as the public is concerned. As for the death of that 15 year old, yes, it's a shame that happened, and you're absolutely right, she shouldn't have even been there. As far as I'm concerned, all events should be at least 18+. On the positive side, the fact that only one death has happened is actually pretty surprising, considering how many people have went to EDC and other festivals over the years. Drugs are a part of EDM, no doubt about it, but if anything, it has gotten much better over the years due to it becoming mainstream. I remember people going to the hospital all the time from ODing on drugs back when I started going to warehouse parties and stuff. Now that it's even more mainstream, I see that so much less often, in places with so many more people.

  5. Pasqual is a good guy and a genuine raver. I have known him since he was a youngster and he is ethical and has worked very hard over many years to achieve success. This too shall pass. He as done his best to provide quality events to the EDM scene. He is my brother…

    • I MUST DISAGREE 10000% …I also know that snake Paquale. I was in LA BEFORE he came and BOUGHT (yes, bought his way in to the LA underground music scene) I know this 1st hand. I just say I was to hang around Steve Kool-aid and saw this amongst over things of Pasquale.
      I went to the very FIRST Electric Daisy Carnival; well before this snake entered the picture…
      I also know who much alimony he is due to the mother of his first child…Yes, I know alot of his chump…
      Lets NOT forget the drug-related 2010 death of one 15-year-old Sasha Rodriguez.
      Her death MAY have been avoided if Insomniac Event shad PROPER event management that day. Look at the YouTube videos of that day. Her death was NOT the only major problem that day.

    • SHUT UR MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! take ur negative energy and shove it up ur ass!!!!!!!

  6. plasticgroove says:

    Obviously some people posting hatred for Pasqual know nothing about how the “scene”started. He is a good guy that loves what he does. The city is just starting a witch hunt to keep people from thinking how crappy they run the city. Also he personally can’t be blamed for people he didn’t know for using drugs.. I have worked with Pasqual since early 90’s and he had always been nice.

  7. Nikolai Marti says:

    what goes around, comes right back around, never forget that…

  8. Plur in the slightest? are you serious or talking out of your ass? we started the scene lil bitch….what the hell does Astone oklahomo know about the scene anyways lol…with out people like Pdawg the scene would be still Underground and hicks like you wouldn't know what the fuck Plur means….oh I'm a Dj..never for a EDC or any massive events….and please don't consider djing for a bunch of hicks at rodeo after hours actually being a DJ… Pasqual is actually a very honest strait forward guy, who broke his back promoting his events and other peoples events almost every night for 20+ years….was never a drug dealer, never did shady business (just wasn't his game), and he succeeded because he WORKED REALLY FUCKIN HARD AT IT…..He's not making EDM look bad its vice squads, corporate influences, and the media over playing any drug use, or other…..if it wasn't for him most of you wouldn't be dancing your ass off…he took EDM to the public.

    • Todd Keeports says:

      With all the hate you spew, I find it hard to understand how you think you are representing "PLUR" (not "Plur" bozo). You sound like a hypocrite. A little less alcohol, drugs, and toxins, and a little more consciousness and health in your life could do you a great deal of good buddy. Just sayin.

    • Just sayin Fuck you, not into drugs, or drinking, or into fuckin self rightous hippy BS…how about real.http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/c66d56e52f/shit-new-age-girls-say

    • Yeah you definitely sound like your not into self righteous bs.

    • LOL at LA "starting the scene"

    • MrNice Guy, you're a jag off.

    • Bobby Hillman says:

      OP is apparently one of the most naive, self-righteous people to exist anywhere, ever.

    • Sean Crown says:

      Unless you're well into your 40's you didn't start nothing, you just hopped on the train.

    • LOL at the idea that you're not a real DJ if you have not played at EDC. I know plenty of DJs that would spin circles around the standard festie fare "DJs". Often times spinning for less than 100 people and getting paid little or nothing. Most of the big names are so so producers with good marketing and semi competent DJ skills (when not posturing behind a prerecorded set).

    • Yes I may be from oklahoma, but you obviously don't know anything about the culture you wish to be a apart of. All I was doing was stating my opinion, and am getting attacked solely because of my opinion doesn't meet yours. What ever happened to the "R" of PLUR.. Respect. Respect my opinion, because I didn't take the time to call you out on some website just because I didn't agree with that you have to say, and besides the fact… You're not even proposing an conflicting argument or trying to debate about our ideas. All you're doing is talking shit "Mr.NiceGuy"

      You have obviously never been to anywhere in the midwest, because it's not all cowboys and rodeos.. It actually hasn't been that way since before 1950. Things have grown and flourished here, not only because of this guy.. but because of the many edm consumers, promoters, and producers that have put in just as many equal hours trying to build something we can be proud of. Don't attack me spinning because you've never even heard my mixes, nor do you have the appropriate information to make all these acquisitions. I have actually been to big festivals, and you really need to consider what you say before saying it. The main point as far as what Im trying to get across, is this all arose from bad ethics. You say he didn't do "any shady business" but something like this, especially a 1.4 million dollar bond doesn't arise from no where and without reason.

      Bottom line: Yes he's done a lot for the rave community, yes he's done a lot for rave culture.. but is he the proprietary reason edm events are known to me and the nation.. Absolutely not. Actions of drug use, and bad ethics are what make our culture unappealing to the nation.. and that's why myself, kaskade and countless others are trying to change the ideology of the whole thing. Do you even understand where these charges arose from? If you read the whole thing, you would clearly see that this has been an ongoing thing, through the audit than has been brought on by the death of a minor.. That shouldn't have even been at the event in the first place. This sort of thing doesn't just pop up, it's brought on after observation. Learn your facts.

    • Savvy D'eequaniquia says:

      dude you're a dick and the way you talk i think you're much less hotshot than you think you are. i'm actually a DJ as well, and have been involved in the production aspect of the EDM scene for a decade- and i'm pretty sure you're a half-cocked asshole with an attitude problem. maybe you're not playing for big shows because you're wildly unprofessional.

    • You have no idea who Pasquale really is. He's a shady fucker that is finally getting what's due to him. As someone who personally got f*cked over by him, and someone who has had him come to my shows and talk sh*t about what I was trying to do, I always figured that eventually he was gonna have to pay the piper for his shady behavior.

  9. Huh. It's a new witchhunt on the EDM scene, and the people in charge of it, by the US political system. Will be interesting to see how this plays out in the grand scheme of things.

  10. Todd Keeports says:

    It's simple kiddies.. Once a genre of music (or creative art form) goes from underground to mainstream, it's all downhill from there. R.I.P. rave and PLUR.

  11. Erik Fink says:

    How is this news? THis has been on going for over a year now since his arrest in march 2011 Some new EDM blog rehashing an old article to get more readers. Way to write an article implying impending doom and lengthy jail time to get page views. In the end we shall see what happens in court. Report a story please. Don't skew it to make it sound like he's the antichrist of EDM. Either that or go get a job with the L.A. Times so we can know that it is "your" opinion you wish us to hear. The L.A. Times loves bashing Insomniac.

  12. Gabriel Leonard says:


  13. Inb4 old school rave hipsters.

  14. Wow I never saw this coming :/

  15. Los Angeles does not like you making millions of dollars in their town without getting a major piece of it. He did nothing wrong. Pasquale is innocent. He paid what was asked of him to pay so he could have his events for the people and for the music. That's why EDC is all over the world right now and NOT in Los Angeles.

  16. First of all its P.L.U.R.R not plur and if you don't know that please reframe from using the word at all

  17. I laugh at all the people arguing about PLUR below… you are more-or-less sidetracking yourselves from the story. The story is about Insomniac's founder. I know nothing about LA's scene, or anything west of Denver for that matter, but I do know this… Insomniac is one of the most influential crews in EDM today for one reason, They can bring quality names and DJs to the EDM fans across the nation. I've seen and read documentaries on Mr. Rotella, and I can honestly say, he's the type of person all head people of EDM scenes SHOULD be like. Regardless of scene, whether it be LA, Denver, or where I call home, Kansas City, we ALL could learn and grow our scenes by basing ourselves off Mr. Rotella, despite these charges and what not. He may have done some bad things (or may not have, he's still going through all that) but he's still a genuine person from what I can tell, and that, we all should be thankful for. Can't wait for EDC Chicago to hurry up and get here! Much love to you all from KC!

  18. why couldn't we have just kept it to the warehouses…..god damn internet.

  19. if he goes to jail the whole edm scene will suffer…..especially festivals….ultra will take over and we all c where that is going….this is just saddening news really is..

    • There's a whole movement that's going down that sounds like you have no idea about–even Pasquale wants to include facets of this movement into his festival 'experience'. EDC is not much better than Ultra. I've been to many many Insomniac events and Ultra a few times, and the festivals I go to now are what EDC and Ultra should've been, but can now never really be (especially since they're now mainstream).

    • Your events will suffer not our raves. there is a difference.

  20. Richard Martinez says:

    fuck that shit

  21. He made lifetime memories and bonds between millions of people and helped grow electronic music beyond the stereotypes that the people that he had to pay didn't victimize kids for just wanting to have fun and be free. How bout putting the people in jail that extorted him in jail, how bout the drug dealers that killed innocent kids by selling cut crap, how bout the city of LA for making raving almost illegal. Give EDC to live nation cuz without Pasqual we don't want it anymore.

  22. Edward Fancher says:


  23. Edward Fancher says:


  24. Having great acts at a venue is meaningless if they are all playing the same shit every hour. That's the rap EDM has. Great djs, with some exceptions, same shit sets. Stop giving them what they want, and give them what they haven't had yet. Good luck Mr Rotella, I hope you're innocent.

  25. Having great acts at a venue is meaningless if they are all playing the same shit every hour. That's the rap EDM has. Great djs, with some exceptions, same shit sets. Stop giving them what they want, and give them what they haven't had yet. Good luck Mr Rotella, I hope you're innocent.

  26. This is a very sad story I hope the best for him that's horrible, he had it all! also for his wife they were about to get married! jeeze who cares if he paid off officials! And who cares a little girl was stupid and got to high that's her fault. hasn't that been going on in american history since the beginning of time here, oh and not to mention la police are always doing shady shit like bribary, embezzelment, conspiracy and conflict of interest. fuck you los angeles police department. MUCH LOVE FOR PASQUALE ROTELLA!

  27. Even if he did pay off officials guaranteed you won't see any trials for them accepting the bribes. The politicians get off free while the entertainer get's dropped in prison smh.

  28. Even if he did pay off officials guaranteed you won't see any trials for them accepting the bribes. The politicians get off free while the entertainer get's dropped in prison smh.

  29. El Pizzero says:

    Archiviment Unlocked……..Drug & Hardcore Party Dealer

  30. All I have to do is laugh about that shit with the girl where the fuck were her parents that they would let there kid go to rave ingest drugs and die oh yeah they were being irresponsible that shit has nothing to do with this man. Its just another case of the idiots in power taking advantage of that. These concerts give people a freedom just brief moments in time where reality doesn't exist the world doesn't suck and everyone loves each other and the music to try and take that away from the people is a travesty and utter bullshit LET THIS MAN BE FREE HE IS INNOCENT.

  31. Will Bueche says:

    Sounds more like city officials need to pay Rotella back for all the bribes they required.

  32. The laws he violated are OLD lol He knew the risk involved in throwing all ages events and even 18 and over as the authorities go for these events first..They were created to combat the first companies to do Megaraves.. We dealt with this in the mid nineties during the Circa party era while with CPU101…

  33. Greg Robison says:

    Good… hope he enjoys prison. I just hope the public officials that accepted the bribes are in adjoining cells.

  34. Tiffany says:

    I just hate how people make up facts. Insomniac is not selling to live nation or golden voice either. Pasquale isn’t going to prison and isn’t even guilty. That dumb dead girl ruined so many more lives than her own. Maybe instead of focusing on parties as the problem it should be the parenting. She snuck into the event and took drugs of her own volition how is that Insomniacs responsibility. Also Pasquale is one of the nicest most caring people he wouldn’t knowingly screw anyone over if it could be helped. The real loser here is Los Angeles. Who by their own fuck up lost EDC and all Insomniac events and with that a fuckton of cash. The party creates so much revenue in whatever city it takes place. That’s cool Vegas will gladly take the money!!! Long story short no one is going to prison. Quit sensationalizing!

  35. all of you talking about being such old school ravers and PLUR and all of that are soooo funny. EDM is a stupid term. I hate it. the "scene" as you all describe it and the vibe and all of that has been dead and sold out for many years. most of y'all have no real idea what PLUR and all of that was really about.

    i STOPPED raving in around 1997. long before alot of you even started. at that time we were complaining of how the scene was starting to sell out and outsiders were starting to creep into our parties and ruin the pure vibe. Pasqual is not this king of PLUR like some of you think he is. he wasn't even raving wayyy back in the beginning.

    anyways, just my two cents. it's such a joke everytime I see you kids posting about being so damn "old-school" in the scene but really have no idea what the real scene was about.

  36. No way! Pasquel is such a great guy! People are just scared and jealous.

  37. So if he paid off officials where are their names? Shouldn't they be in the same noose? The bribery part is a joke. No different to paying off Bernice in south beach tow;-).

  38. Paul Kim says:

    Once again, it all leads back to that pivotal event, the death of Sasha. One irresponsible kid set off a chain reaction of negativity throughout the so-cal rave scene that is still being felt now. Got the mainstream media involved and brought nothing but scrutiny and bad press which has led to greater police presence, more regulations and rules, and less freedom.

  39. Marc Lepson says:


  40. He was found 'quilty'…

  41. Bribing officials to let him throw massive parties……that even sounds funny. Sounds very sinister hahaha

  42. What's striking about this case is that I have not heard anything about the city officials who took these alleged bribes. Shouldn't they be on trial, too? Has anybody heard if they're being charged, as well? I'm not a huge fan of Insomniac, but I've heard nothing but good things about Pasquale from people I know who have worked with him. I don't think he would be so stupid as to actually bribe city officials. This sounds like a witchhunt and pay back by the City of LA for the death of that girl at the Coliseum in 2010 since they couldn't actually charge him for that.

  43. Damn the man. Save the rave!

  44. EDC will never returned to Los Angeles even Pascual Rotella go to prison. They will remain in Las Vegas which become EDM Center.


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