Exclusive Interview: Bombs Away Talks Influences, Melbourne Bounce, & The Scary Truth About Kangaroos


We had the privilege to sit down with Multi-Platinum Selling Artists, Partyboys, and all-round Bad Role Models, Bombs Away last Friday while they stopped by New York amidst their North American-based ‘Drunk Arcade’ Tour. Fans of the two crazy Australians (Sketch & Tommy Shades) already know their patented Melbourne-influenced party sound, but for those who aren’t too familiar with Bombs Away – No worries. From producing ridiculously contagious party tracks to live performances – These guys are truly a pair of talented brothers. Unfortunately Tommy Shades was sick from eating too much NY Pizza and wasn’t able to make it to the interview (Hope you’re feeling better!), but luckily Sketch sat down with us to give us a peek into their mind and life. Read on to see who these guys are and why they are crafting and molding party music as we know it. Stay Lifted!

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Welcome to NY! How’s it going so far? For our fans that aren’t too familiar with Bombs Away, please introduce yourself!

Thanks for having me man, we are known as Bombs Away and we make party music. It’s my brother Tommy and I, who actually happens to be sick from eating too much pizza so he can’t make it. New York has been crazy, we got in a car accident already. We were making a right, and a woman on her phone sideswipes into our car! You’d expect her to come out crying and apologizing, but instead she comes out unfazed, and the driver goes, “You hit my car!”. She responds, “Yeah … so!?” She clearly did not give a sh*t and was completely unapologetic. And get this …

…she happened to be driving Nelson Mandela’s grandchildren to the Size In The Park Festival. The driver and the woman start going at it, and I’m sitting here going WTF .. I LOVE THIS CITY.

We also ran into a male supermodel today – hmm what was his name .. Tyrion Lannister? OH it was Tyson Beckford! Yeah, he was driving this souped-up COD (Call of Duty) influenced jeep, like one exactly from the game with machine guns and the whole deal and I tap on his window and tell him, ‘Wow that is a cool car’. He he rolls down the window and I’m thinking to myself  ‘Wow, that is a sexy face.’ He complimented my moustache and drove away [laughs]

Have you checked out Little Australia while you were in NY? There’s also a great Australian restaurant in Midtown called ‘The Australian’ and they apparently serve great kangaroo filet:

[Laughs] kangaroo meat, it’s both lame and good for you. It’s got a funny smell to it, but heaps of people like it. You can shoot them randomly while you’re in Australia. They are literally everywhere – you’ll see them hopping around casually while eating a meal or in your backyard. How do I describe it – it would be like what deer are here to you, except a kangaroo will f*ck your car up. No one believes us, but we crash into kangaroos all the time ’cause they jump, and they hop, and if they’re in the air and you hit them, they’ll go right through your windshield. On the east coast, the ones we get are  big, but the ones in the deserts that are Red Kangaroos, Big Reds.

They can grow up to 8 feet tall when they’re standing on their feet – it’s like seeing a Shaq Kangaroo, if you get attacked by one of those dudes you’re a goner.

How has the tour been so far? You had some Visa troubles and unfortunately missed a couple shows, but you played recently at Atlantic City:

Oh man Atlantic City – Yeah that was insane, we played at the beach club at Harrah’s. It was weird that the whole dance floor was a pool, but that was pretty cool. Paris Hilton is actually spinning there tonight (9/27) I think.

Since you brought it up … words on Paris Hilton?

This is actually a great question. Paris Hilton specifically, I’m not for her, because she’s not DJing, it’s ridiculous to call yourself a DJ if you’re not doing it, but I’m all for girl DJs that are actually doing it. And, if I was a girl DJ and killing it and gaining recognition, I’d be pissed off if people like Paris are up there representing girl DJs and people are thinking ‘Oh, girls cant DJ’ – I hate that sh*t man.

We’re seeing a slew of talented girl DJs coming out from Australia – Thoughts?

Theres HEAPS of talented Australian girl DJs man. We got The Twins, who smash it and are like Big Electro House. We’ve got Helena who made the move out to LA now and is killing it. Alison Wonderland is fantastic – she’s a real DMC kind of technical DJ. Katie Valentine kills it with her bootlegs and mashups. I’m awfully fond of Nat Noiz, there’s a bunch more, but these girls are seriously making it and full on national touring, it’s really wonderful to see.

Australia’s really churning out talent these days, that Melbourne sound is really catching fire in the US:

It’s really weird, just the fact that particular sound took off so quickly, but we’ve had the sound since like 2005. In Melbourne, guys like Nick Coleman orchestrated that sound initially, but it only took a couple songs like TJR or Deorro, guys who really made it blow up. When TJR finally gave the sound a name – ‘Melbourne Bounce’, that’s when it really took off. It’s funny though cause we just called it ‘Melbourne Bangers’ back at home. What I do love about the rising popularity of the Melbourne sound is that, thanks to guys like TJR and Deorro, when they jumped on it and exposed it to a broader audience, the sound itself evolved and became even more awesome. What it has turned into now is so much better than what it was when it started, and I think it’s great because what that means is it’s just gonna get bigger.

Seems the next big sound IS going to be the Melbourne sound. How are crowds reacting to your music in the States?

For us it’s great because we’ve mostly done party electro, also some Trap, Dubstep, and Moombahton along the way, but when we started playing more Melbourne sound 2 or 3 years ago, you know – it was just part of our sound. We played it here and man they went super crazy.  There’s this Australian guy named Komes with a track called This Is How Fucking Babies Are Made. I guarantee absolutely no one here’s heard it before and the crowd just went f*cking bonkers, it was insane man! One of the best non-vocal tracks of our set we have been playing.

We’ve heard it before though, we love that Melbourne sound. Read our bit on it here!

Growing up, who were some of your biggest musical influences that’s impacted your style today?

For us, Beastie boys were huge to us. If you look at our music videos and stuff you’ll see shades of influences of Beastie Boys throughout the videos. The Beach Boys were crazy – those guys knew how to party. A lot of old school hip hop – Dre, Eazy-E, Warren G, those guys did it for me.

What do you have planned for the future – any upcoming productions and collaborations?

Yeah heaps in the making! We’re trying to get Dirt Nasty on a track – we’ve been wanting to work with him for a WHILE. We also just finished a track with Luciano and we actually just did one with Lil Wayne too – a more moombahton kind of track, it’s a real weird style I cant really describe it. Got one coming out with Komes called “Apple Juice and Vodka”, [laughs]. Our newest track coming up is called Better Luck Next Time, it’s the first song we’ve sung on and it’s definitely evolution. Its still a party track, but a little bit more of what we would do before bombs Away got big (Sketch and Tommy Shades sometimes play live performances, with live vocals and guitars/drums) and it was nice to kind of tie everything together. It’s gonna be on our upcoming album Self Inflicted.

This sounds incredible … are you planning on releasing it any time soon? Any special remixes from fellow producers?

Yeah we’re really excited about this one – we’re gonna release it along with 3 really big festival style remixes. We got MOTi on it, Joel Fletcher, and oh, Party Favor as well! I love Dylan (Party Favor) …

…his trap bits are amazing – he’s huge in Australia, if you hear trap it’s usually Party Favor being played.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer some questions and hanging out! Any parting thoughts/advice?  

Here’s how to PROPERLY eat Vegemite, thanks for having me!

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