Flight Facilities – 2002-2012 Decade Mix


The famous duo Flight Facilities released their final “decade mix” for their series of Triple J mixes today. Before you continue reading, we want you to know that isn’t just a mix of classic tracks, but more importantly one of the most thoughtfully orchestrated anthologies of modern music history. For those who are unfamiliar with this ambitious project of making mixtapes that cover an entire decade, you can read more about the process on Flight Facilities’ official website. Essentially, track selection involved cross-referencing three different top music charts and ordering them in chronological order. The duo took it one step further by incorporating sound bites from historical events and adding these into the mixes. From President Nixon’s resignation to coverage of the September 11, 2001 attacks, the decade mixes are so full of landmark news that you are sure to get a pop culture and world history review from just listening to them.

While we have not covered the previous decades mixes on Get Lifted Tonight, we really felt it was necessary for us to share Flight Facilities newest mix spanning from 2002 – 2012. Unlike their work on previous decades, this mix isn’t just the result of analyzing annual top charts. This mix traces the development of modern electronic music. For us (and many of our readers), the mix is packed with tracks that we actually grew up with. We couldn’t agree more with Flight Facilities, who state “It’s hard to hear these songs without cracking a smile and remembering a great time of irresponsibility.”

More importantly, the mix covers a wide variety of genres that are today lumped into “EDM” over a period where many of us became immersed in the culture of electronic music. Although most of us have reacquainted ourselves with Daft Punk given all the recent coverage, Flight Facilities reminds us of so many other extremely influential artists to the electronic scene in the 2000s. Digitalism, The Presets, Soulwax, Hot Chip, MSTRKRFT, Holy Ghost!, Justice, Mylo, LCD Soundsytem, and Fred Falke are just a few of the legendary names that make an appearance in the 82 tracks composing the one hour mix.

We are sharing this newest tape from Flight Facilities with you because we strongly believe this is more than just another mixtape, it is a piece of music history that evokes a personal memento for each and every one of us. We had a wonderful time taking a stroll down this musical memory lane because a lot of the tracks included had such an influential role in developing our tastes in electronic music. While today each of us have particular tastes for certain genres within everything that is electronic, Flight Facilities unites and reminds us of the common roots and favorites many of us once shared. Head over to the Soundcloud page for a free download!

P.S. If you enjoy this tape, make sure you check out Flight Facilities’ other decade tapes. 1972 – 1982 covers a development of funk and disco; 1982 – 1992 is a great testament new wave and iconic dance-hall tracks; and 1992 – 2002 miraculously combines the old-school pinnacle of rap and RnB with top 40 pop classics.

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