Imogen Heap – Headlock (Hoodrow Trillson)


It is tough to be able to rate the work of an artist against their other remixes and originals but upon first listen, we’re feeling as if this may just be their best work yet. About a month ago we showcased their latest single “Dopeboy” through an Exclusive Premiere and have been eagerly awaiting news on a follow up. In a manner much different than most trap music today, the Hoodrow Trillson boys put together something that would best complement Imogen Heap’s works of art.

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It becomes easier to admire the work of a remixing artist as the stature of the original producer grows and an Imogen Heap track is certainly a hefty feat. Maintaining the essence of Heap’s ambience, beautiful voice and though-provoking theme, Trillson’s remix layers on contemporary attributes, loops and vocal reworking to bring this track back to life. Beginning slowly, the track swings in and out to form the perfect anthem for our sunny weekends. Its Friday folks and this is the calm before the storm and the hangover cure for tomorrow morning. Stay LIFTED.

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