Proxy – Raw (Haezer Remix)


There was no doubt that electro connoisseur Haezer would be picked up by big record labels sooner or later. Surely one of South Africa’s finest assets, he continues to dominate the heavy bass electro scene from the underground up, featuring South African vocalists in his latest EP release ‘The Wrong Kid Died’ off Dim Mak Records and making debuts on stages worldwide, although always returning to his loyal fans in Cape Town.

His latest track on Soundcloud, a remix of Proxy’s ‘Raw’, sees Haezer’s expert weaving of rhythm and sass into his usual gritty sound. The track is pure trash, oiled in way conducive to getting down with extreme aggression before finals.

You can try all you want to jack up the bass knob on your speaker system (and you should), but I’ve been told that nothing beats seeing this down-to-earth artist perform live, demonstrating his locally renowned mixing abilities before getting dirty with the crowd himself. I would definitely recommend getting a full-body bass experience if you’re lucky enough to have Haezer perform at a venue near you. Stay Lifted!


Proxy – Raw (Haezer Remix)


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