Top Underrated Tracks


Finally… It has taken way to long for us to bring you the Top 100 but the top 20 are here. These top 20 are in no particular order because we had such a hard time figuring out which tracks qualified as the number 1 track. One thing is for sure, John Dahlback and Alex Metric are two artists you must keep your eyes, ears, and nose out for, not only did they have an amazing 2012 but their talent and success are exponentially growing. To all those who have continue to follow us for the last two years, the whole team at GetLiftedTonight would like to say “THANK YOU!” We promise you big additions are in motion and as always get ready for another music filled year to come! EnJoy and stay L↑FTED my friends.

Presented by Oliver

100. Sticky K – Persian Algebra [Link]

[audio:|titles=Sticky K|artists=Persian Algebra]

99. 0SM – The Biggest Lizard [Link]

[audio:|titles=The Biggest Lizard|artists=0SM]

98. Vitodito Ft. Oza – Kawaii (Dirty Club Mix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Kawaii (Dirty Club Mix)|artists=Vitodito Ft. Oza]


97. Pedro Henriques Ft. Giuseppe Viola – Spread The Love (Yves V Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Pedro Henriques Ft. Giuseppe Voila|artists=Spread The Love (Yves V Remix)]

96. Feed Me – Trapdoor Ft. Hadouken [Link]

[audio:|titles=Trapdoor Ft. Hadouken|artists=Feed Me]

95. Fedde Le Grand – So Much Love (Deniz Koyu Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=So Much Love (Deniz Koyu Remix)|artists=Fedde Le Grand]

94. Jam Xpress & Seany B – Everybody Get Up (Bombs Away Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Jam Xpress & Seany B|artists=Everybody Get Up (Bombs Away Remix)]

93. Jake Shanahan – On the Otherside Ft. Tyler Sherritt (Carl Nunes Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=On The Otherside Ft. Tyler Sherritt (Carl Nunes Remix)|artists=Jake Shanahan]

92. Drake Ft. The Weeknd – Crew Love (Shlohmo Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Crew Love (Shlohmo Remix)|artists=Drake Ft. The Weeknd]

Slow james with a hint of trap, make sure you check the feature that we did on Shlohmo back in February.

91. BeatAuCue – Kiho (Original Mix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Kiho (Original Mix)|artists=BeatAuCue]

One of my favorite breakthrough artist of 2012. Anything BeatAuCue touches turns into a masterpiece, make sure that you check out his remix of Two Door Cinema Club’s Sleep Alone.

90. Joey C & DJ Torio Ft. Nikki Kay – Fade Away (Valetto Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Fade Away (Valetto Remix)|artists=Joey & DJ Torio Ft. Nikki Kay]

89. Mord Fustang – Windwaker (Original Mix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Windwake (Original Mix)|artists=Mord Fustang]

88. Armand Van Helden – Witch Doktor (Zedd Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Wich Doktor (Zedd Remix)|artists=Armand Van Helden]

One of Zedd’s first songs and I’ve got to say it is was a sure sign of how successful he was going to be. 

87. Deadmau5 – Strobe (Redial Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Strobe (Redial Remix)|artists=Deadmau5]

86. Buku – Monmaid (Lost Mix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Monmaid (Lost Mix)|artists=Buku]

85. Giraffage & XXYYXX – Even Though (Teen Daze Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Even Though (Teen Daze Remix)|artists=Giraffage & XXYYXX]

The sixteen year old XXYYXX has definitely made a name for himself with his down tempo masterpieces. This time Teen Daze ups the BPMS and give you a more Disco/Trap rework of Even Though.

84. Darwin & Backwall Ft. Sibel – Along (Sebastian Krieg and Weekend Heroes Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Alone (Sebastian Krieg and Weekend Heroes Remix)|artists=Darwin & Backwall Ft. Sibel]

83. DubVision – All By Myself (Tujamo Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=All By Myself (Tujamo Remix)|artists=DubVision]

82. Marvin Gaye – Grapevine 2.0 (VOODOO FARM Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Grapevine 2.0 (VOODOO FARM Remix)|artists=Marvin Gaye]

81. Coldplay & Rihanna – Princess of China (Kat Krazy Extended Mix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Princess of China (Kat Krazy Extended Mix)|artists=Coldplay & Rihanna]

80. EDX Ft. Hadley – Everything (Cazzette Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Everything (Cazzette Remix)|artists=EDX Ft. Hadley]

79. Swedish House Mafia & Laidback Luke – Leave The World Behind (TV NOISE Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Leave The World Behind (TV NOISE Remix)|artists=Swedish House Mafia & Laidback Luke]

78. Passion Pit – Take A Walk (Peking Duk Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Take A Walk (Peking Duk Remix)|artists=Passion Pit]

77. Gotye Ft. Kimbra – Somebody That I Used To Know (Magnus & Timon Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Somebody That I Used To Know (Magnus & Timon Remix)|artists=Gotye Ft. Kimbra]

76. Forekast – Just Start Over (Original Mix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Just Start Over (Original Mix)|artists=Just Start Over (Original Mix)]

75. Florence and the Machine – Cosmic Love (Seven Lions Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Cosmic Love (Seven Lions Remix)|artists=Florence and the Machine]

Definitely one of the biggest breakthrough artists of 2012. Seven Lions only recently being signed by Skrillex’s OWSLA Records, his remix of Florence and the Machine’s Cosmic Love is beautifully put together. With an elegant Indie touch by Florence and a dubstep/progressive sound from Seven Lions, Cosmic Love has been completely transformed.

74. Flosstradamus – Total Recall [Link]

[audio:|titles=Total Recall|artists=Flosstradamus]

TRAP MUZIK! One of the originators of the breakthrough generes of 2012!

73. Mat Zo – It’s Yours (Original Mix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Mat Zo|artists=It’s Yours (Original Mix)]

72. GRIMES – Oblivion (Dials Trap Edit) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Oblivion (Dials Trap Edit)|artists=GRIMES]

71. Gorillaz – Melancholy Hill (Feed Me Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Melancholy Hill (Feed Me Remix)|artists=Gorillaz]

70. Die Antwoord – Fok Julle Naaiers (Nero Bootleg) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Fok Julle Naaiers (Nero Bootleg)|artists=Die Antwoord]

69. Congorock – Monolith (Original Mix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Monolith (Original Mix)|artists=Congorock]

68. GRiZ – The Future Is Now [Link]

[audio:|titles=The Future Is Now|artists=GRiZ]

67. Andrew Bayer – Community [Link]

[audio:|titles=Community|artists=Andrew Bayer]

Similar style to Mat Zo and also highly underrated, you will definitely be seeing Bayer more in 2013.

66. Sgt Slick – Picture This (LAZRtag Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Picture This (LAZRtag Remix)|artists=Sgt Slick]

65. Kimbra – Two Way Street (Patrick Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Two Way Street (Patrick Remix)|artists=Kimbra]

64. Fiorious – So Pretty (Gabriell Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=So Pretty (Gabriell Remix)|artists=Fiorious]

63. The Prodigy – Voodoo People (MVTH Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Voodoo People (MVTH Remix)|artists=The Prodigy]

62. The Temper Trap – Trembling Hands (Magnus & Timon Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=The Temper Trap|artists=Trembling Hands (Magnus & Timon Remix)]

61. The Knocks – Geronimo (Aylen Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Geronimo (Aylen Remix)|artists=The Knocks]

60. Popeska – Gone Forever Ft. Anna Yvette [Link]

[audio:|titles=Gone Forever Ft. Anna Yvette|artists=Popeska]

59. Of Monsters & Men – Little Talks (The Knocks Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Little Talks (The Knocks Remix)|artists=Of Monsters & Men]

58. Modulation – Groovy Movie (Original Mix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Groovy Movie (Original Mix)|artists=Modulation]

57. Alex Gaudino – Chinatown (Original Mix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Chinatown (Original Mix)|artists=Alex Gaudino]

One of the most underrated tracks on this list. Alex Gaudino brings a whole different sound on his Chinatown track, he actually themes the song after its title.

56. Skrillex & Damian Jr. Gong Marley – Make It Bun Dem (Brodinski Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Make It Bun Dem (Brodinski Remix)|artists=Skrillex & Damian Jr. Gong Marley]

55. M83 – Midnight City (FIXYN Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Midnight City (FIXYN Remix)|artists=M83]

54. Major Lazer – Get Free (feat. Amber of Dirty Projectors) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Get Free (feat. Amber of Dirty Projectors)|artists=Major Lazer]

53. Feed Me – Little Cat Steps (Original Mix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Little Cat Steps (Original Mix)|artists=Feed Me]

52. RAC – Hollywood Ft. Penguin Prison (Felix Da Housecat Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Hollywood Ft. Penguin Prison (Felix Da Housecat Remix)|artists=RAC]

51. Ellie Goulding – Anything Could Happen (Blood Diamonds Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Anything Could Happen (Blood Diamonds Remix)|artists=Ellie Goulding]

50. Miike Snow – The Wave (Thomas Gold Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=The Wave (Thomas Gold Remix)|artists=Miike Snow]

The infections sound of Miike Snow and progressive sound of Thomas Gold definitely created one hell of a wave in the electronic world, no pun attended.

49. Pnau vs Tommy Trash vs MGMT – Unite Kids (Tommy Trash Private Bootleg) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Unite Kids (Tommy Trash Private Bootleg)|artists=Pnau vs Tommy Trash vs MGMT]

48. Soulero Ft. Anna Yvette – The World [Link]

[audio:|titles=The World|artists=Soulero Ft. Anna Yvette]

47. Flight Facilities – With You Ft. Grovesnor (MAM Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=With You Ft. Grovesnor (MAM Remix)|artists=Flight Facilities]

46. XXYYXX – Tied 2 U [Link]

[audio:|titles=Tied 2 U|artists=XXYYXX]

45. Bingo Players – Cry (Just A Little) (Original Mix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Cry (Just A Little) (Original Mix)|artists=Bingo Players]

Cryyy just a little, when I think I’m letting go! Bingo Players had an amazing 2012, with releases like their wonky L’Amour and festival anthem Out of My Mind, Cry is just the icing on the cake. 

44. Apster – Marrakech (Original Mix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Marrakech (Original Mix)|artists=Apster]

43. Pharoahe Monch – Simon Says (Filthy Disco Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Simon Says (Filthy Disco Remix)|artists=Pharoahe Monch]

42. Nervo Ft. Ollie James – Irresistible (Luca Testa, Marco Cucinotta & Devis Pati Bootleg Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Irresistible (Luca Testa, Marco Cucinotta & Devis Pati Bootleg Remix)|artists=Nervo Ft. Ollie James]

41. John Dahlback – Start Lovin You (Original Mix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Start Lovin You (Original Mix)|artists=John Dahlback]

40. Van She – Idea of Happiness (SebastiAn Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Idea of Happiness (SebastiAn Remix)|artists=Van She]

39. Rockwell Ft. Kito & Sam Frank – Childhood Memories (Original Mix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Childhood Memories (Original Mix)|artists=Rockwell Ft. Kito & Sam Frank]

38. Scuba – Ne1but [Link]


37. The Knocks – The Feeling [Link]

[audio:|titles=The Feeling|artists=The Knocks]

36. The xx – Chained (Panic City Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=The xx|artists=Chained (Panic City Remix)]

The xx, where do I start with these guys and what Panic City has done with their track, one they are truly talented group that play off each other so well and two Panic City completely transformes the mellow original release to a progressive masterpiece.

35. Taku Inoue – F.F.Y.R. (Livemonitor) (CROOKERS Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=F.F.Y.R. (Livemonitor) (CROOKERS Remix)|artists=Taku Inoue]

34. Wretch 32 – Pop [Link]

[audio:|titles=Pop|artists=Wretch 32]

33. Jack Beats ft. Diplo & Example – War (Original Mix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=War (Original Mix)|artists=Jack Beats ft. Diplo & Example]

One of the best artists to come out of 2012. Jack Beats does work on this track, absolutely killing it with his big drums and biiiggg bounce. THIS TRACK IS A MUST!

32.  Two Door Cinema Club – What You Know (Religion Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=What You Know (Religion Remix)|artists=Two Door Cinema Club]

31.  Yolanda Be Cool Ft Arama Mara – Before Midnight (Angger Dimas Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Before Midnight (Angger Dimas Remix)|artists=Yolanda Be Cool Ft Arama Mara]

30. VISITOR – Coming Home (Lifelike Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Coming Home (Lifelike Remix)|artists=VISITOR]

29. Saur – Angry Duck (Dirty Audio Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Angry Duck (Dirty Audio Remix)|artists=Saur]

B – B – Bounce baby bounce!

28. Tiesto – Letha Trap-Industry (Meaux Green Mix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Letha Trap-Industry (Meaux Green Mix)|artists=Tiesto]

Our good friend Meaux was on top of his game this past year but his remix to Tiesto’s Lethal Industry is out of this world. Could see someone like A$AP or Kendrick giving his remix a spin. Keep an eye out for Meaux in 2013.

27. Datsik & Kill The Noise – Lightspeed (The M Machine Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Lightspeed (The M Machine Remix)|artists=Datsik & Kill The Noise]

26. Satellite Stories – Sirens (Slow Magic Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Sirens (Slow Magic Remix)|artists=Satellite Stories]

Slow Magic + Sirens = pure amazingness. 

25. M83 – Reunion (Mylo Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Reunion (Mylo Remix)|artists=M83]

24. Sharam & Anousheh – Our Love (Heren Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Our Love (Heren Remix)|artists=Sharam & Anousheh]

23. SBTRKT – Hold On Ft. Sampha [Link]

[audio:|titles=Hold On Ft. Sampha|artists=SBTRKT]

22. Blende – Fake Love (Original Mix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Fake Love (Original Mix)|artists=Blende]

Snap Snap Snap, one of my all time favores. Blende brings up a delectable string and Nu Disco funk sound that will no doubt will take over those tender ears of yours.

21. C2C – Down The Road (Cherokee Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Down The Road (Cherokee Remix)|artists=C2C]

Uhhhhh get your funk on! Cherokee brings out a perfect blend of Disco and Frech House with their remix of C2C’s Down The Road. I just can’t get over how much funk this remix brings to the table. Turn that Sh*t up!

20. Albin Myers – Hells Bells (Original Mix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Hells Bells (Original Mix)|artists=Albin Myers]

19. The Other Tribe vs. Kidnap Kid – Don’t Need No Melody [Link]

[audio:|titles=Don’t Need No Melody|artists=The Other Tribe vs. Kidnap Kid]

this track.

18. Spector – Never Fade Away (Benny Benassi Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Never Fade Away (Benny Benassi Remix)|artists=Spector]

This remix definitely slipped under the radar, but god d*mn Benny Benassi gives his signature touch to Spector’s Never Fade Away to giving it a refreshed progressive/disco sound. Bliss.

17. Ultraísta – Smalltalk (Four Tet Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Smalltalk (Four Tet Remix)|artists=Ultraísta]

All I have got to say is killer vocals.

16. Bon Iver – Hinnom, TX (Slow Magic Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Hinnom, TX (Slow Magic Remix)|artists=Bon Iver]

15. Swedish House Mafia – ONE (Party Favor’s Festival Trap Mix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=ONE (Party Favor’s Festival Trap Mix)|artists=Swedish House Mafia]

We are very surprised that the Swedish House Mafia didn’t call up Party Favor for the remix or play it in one of their sets because of how well Party Favor transformed their anthem to a Trap sensation. Can’t wait to see what Party Favor has up his sleeve for 2013.

14. Felix Cartal – Black to White (Original Mix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Black to White (Original Mix)|artists=Felix Cartal]

13. Amtrac – Opportunity (David Dann Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Opportunity (David Dann Remix)|artists=Amtrac]

Give the song about 30-40 seconds to warm up and then it will take over. David Dann…Simply amazing.

12. Little Boots – Stuck on Repeat (Fake Blood Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Stuck on Repeat (Fake Blood Remix)|artists=Little Boots]

11. Serge Devant – True Faith (Starkillers Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=True Faith (Starkillers Remix)|artists=Serge Devant]

I really wish Starkillers would go back to the grime that they incorporated in Serge Devant’s track, their recent collaboration with DJ BL3ND is just not as good as their original stuff… Anyways this remix that he did is absolutely amazing.

10. Avan Lava – Somebody To Love Me (Mark Robson Cover) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Somebody To Love Me (Mark Robson Cover)|artists=Avan Lava]

9. Daft Punk – One More Time (95 Royale Remix) (Radio Edit) [Link]

[audio:|titles=One More Time (95 Royale Remix) (Radio Edit)|artists=Daft Punk]

Not many people have taken a shot and been successful in remixing a Daft Punk track, but some how 95 Royal has managed to bring the track to a whole new level.

8. Wolf Alice – Leaving You (Sound Remedy Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Leaving You (Sound Remedy Remix)|artists=Wolf Alice]

7. IconaPop – I Love It (Solidisco Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=I Love It (Solidisco Remix)|artists=IconaPop]

6.  Carousel – Let’s Go Home (Sound Remedy Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Let’s Go Home (Sound Remedy Remix)|artists=Carousel]

Hmm there seems to be a trend here, Sound Remedy has popped up on our radar numerous times and now he has made it to our top 20 tracks of 2012. Like Alex Metric he is another artist to keep your eye out for in 2013.

5. Röykopp – Running to the Sea Ft. Susanne Sundfør [Link]

[audio:|titles=Running to the Sea Ft. Susanne Sundfør|artists=Röykopp]

4. Alex Metric – Motion Study [Link]

[audio:|titles=Motion Study|artists=Alex Metric]

Bring on the funk! As you can see we love Alex Metric here on Get Lifted Tonight, having two of his songs off his Ammunition Part 2 EP on our Top 100. Why we love Alex Metric you ask? Everything he touches turns into gold and never really sounds the same. 2013 one to watch!

3. Feed Me & Crystal Fighters – Love Is All I Got (Original Mix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Love Is All I Got (Original Mix)|artists=Feed Me & Crystal Fighters]

So save us! Feed Me’s & Crystal Fighter’s Love Is All I Got is the perfect blend of progressive house and alternative. One listen and you have it on repeat.

2. Alex Metric – Rave Weapon [Link]

[audio:|titles=Rave Weapon|artists=Alex Metric]

1. Lilla Sallskapet – Jag Vill Ut (John Dahlback Remix) [Link]

[audio:|titles=Jag Vill Ut (John Dahlback Remix)|artists=Lilla Sallskapet]