Top Progressive House


After weeks of filtering out the thousands of tracks released, leaked, given away for free and played live this past year, we finally are able to bring to you the first of five parts of our Top 100 Progressive House tracks of 2012. This list contains only the biggest and most memorable releases of 2012 making the list due to their lifespan, recognition by artists and the “EDM” community along with well, our personal preference. Keep in mind that this list is in the end, a personally rated list of favorites and not one to reference professionally. If you made this list, you are awesome and/or your song was enormous this past year.

The beginnings of the list contain a few tracks, like “Pandor” or D’Anconia’s remix of “Let Me Love You” which should have received more recognition than they did. Alongside those are massive big room and festival mixes that stunned crowds, created mayhem and destroyed blogs. We hope that you understand that this list is one that is very hard to create, and a TON of time was taken making decisions. If we had time we would do a Top 1000, but that is just not the case. Stay Lifted!

Presented by Angus

100. Henrix & GTA & Digital Lab– Hit It (Original Mix)  Taking advantage of the proximity of his fellow producers in the Miami, Henix teamed up with GTA and Digital Lab to produce what will be one of 2013 biggest hits. Watch for it as Steve Angello signs it to Size Records and everyone plays it at EDC. Young Henrix has a very bright future. Above is a live preview of Steve Angello playing it earlier this year.


99. Kenneth G – Bazinga (Original Mix) [Link]

While it may not have received the massive response that Sandro Silva & Quintino’s “Epic” did, “Bazinga” came in at a close second with the same unexpected, bass-heavy simplicity. Kenneth G fell out as fast as he came up but left us with one hell of a single.


98. Archie & Polina – Here and Now (Jacob Liedholm’s ‘Light It Up’ Remix) [Link]

You will find Jacob Liedholm on this list more than once. His keen ear for progressive house, and his ‘feel-good’ approach is successful and consistent. Still a young Swede, we will see more of his remixes, originals and collaborations throughout the year. His take on “Here and Now” blew me away and strayed a little from his usual style.


97. Bob Sinclar feat. Ben Onono – Life (John Dahlback Remix) [Link]

Bob Sinclar is a house great, and when we noticed a John Dahlback of his track “Life” we were more than stoked. John Dahlback, as I often say is one of the most diverse and respected and for his work with many genres. If you like progressive house you will like this, as he blessed us with it this past year.


96. Ken Loi feat. Zashanell – All It Takes (Amada Remix) [Link]

The mighty Ken Loi! We saw his face from time to time, and one time in particular, Amada took the initive to capitalize on, and with great precision indeed. Adding an even more enormous lead to the progressive track, Amada shows off his scarce yet sought after skill.


95. Third Party fea.t Loleatta Holloway – Thank You (Original Mix) [Link]

Third Party began to show their true colors and made our Top 100 with a couple of their singles. “Thank You” features a very subtle and appealing chorus over one of this years greatest synths. We thank you Third Party for all you have given us, and look forward to more.


94. Michael Woods & Sheldon feat. Polina – Goodbye (Original Mix) [Link]

Taking a break from his usual darker self, Michael Woods teams up with Sheldon and angelic vocalist Polina in “Goodbye”. A very emotional track and one of Polina’s most impressive features, “Goodbye” easily makes my personal Top 25.


93. Ne-Yo – Let Me Love You (D’Anconia Remix) [Link]

It goes with no question that Ne-Yo is having the time of his life. With a schedule packed full of heavy hitting features in and out of EDM, his track record sports the likes of Calvin Harris and more making him one of the most sought after vocalists in the game. D’Anconia blows us away with an inspired take on “Let Me Love You”.


92. Thomas Gold – Sing 2 Me (Avesta Vocal Mix) [Link]

Released off Axtone, “Sing2Me” was beginning to look like one of the biggest progressive hits all year. Avesta, after releasing a couple major releases himself took advantage of a great opportunity and created a lasting vocal mix of Thomas Gold’s hit single. (Also easily the greatest album art of all time)


91. Foster The People – Don’t Stop (dBerrie Remix) [Link]

We were all very excited to see that dBerrie rose to fame this past year. After following him for the past few years, we were finally able to see him gain the recognition he deserves through remixes like this one.


90. Ferry Corsten – Punk (Arty’s ‘Rock-n-Rolla’ Mix) [Link]

Debuted back in early 2011, Arty’s massive remix of Ferry Corsten’s “Punk” took sometime to come out of the studio but was extremely well received in the end. A classic example of progressive-trance crossover, this remix should have seen much more light.


89. AN21 & Max Vangelli, Tiesto feat. Lover Lover – People Of The Night (Original Mix) [Link]

While AN21 may have rode to fame on the back of his older brother Steve Angello, he and co-producer Max Vangeli held their own this year with their debut album “People Of The Night”. Title track POTN gives us a taste of their future and got us all excited for more.


88. Nause – Hungry Hearts (Original Mix) [Link]

When the Nause boys aren’t busy filming their reality TV show “Heartbeats” over in Sweden they are working hard to show that “Mellow” or “Hungry Hearts” isn’t all they can do. Much anticipated and long awaited, “Hungry Hearts” finally was released earlier this year.


87. Topher Jones – Brohammer (Original Mix) [Link]

College ‘frat star’ house made its short lived debut with Topher Jones’ “Brohammer” and began a long list of questionable Spinnin’ Records release. Remix support from Nari & Milani gave Topher the fame he wanted.


86.Tony Romera – Pandor (Original Mix) [Link]

This list simply isn’t complete without a nod to Tony Romera. Making his presence known through a mix competition a couple years back and since putting out a leaning tower of remixes, Tony had one hell of a year. From originals like “Mad” to this Protocol Recordings (Nicky Romero) release, we’ve seen him weekly for the past 12 months.


85. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Regi – Momentum (Original Mix) [Link]

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike like to keep it simple. Releasing only a couple tracks a year, these two ‘Tomorrowland kings’ would rather release one or two massive singles than a string of have decent remixes. We appreciate.


84. Arty, Matisse & Sadko – Trio (Original Mix) [Link]

The year of Arty, and Russian house music. Russian duo Matisse & Sadko team up with Russian producer Arty to give us “Trio”, an uplifting instrumental anthem.


83. Pryda – Allein (Original Mix) [Link]

Pryda, or Eric Prdyz is one of the gods of House music, and this track is proof. Releasing an entire album under the alias Pryda, Prydz gave us a very memorable year. “Allein” is one of his more calm releases and one of his greatest (and simplest) vocal pieces.


82. Autoerotique – Bring That Beat Back (Tiesto Edit) [Link]

Bringing in his incredible stadium song, this Big Room Electro track serves to exhibit Tiesto’s new sound and shows off his incredible ability to transform tracks into huge hits. This edit is one of his 5 features of this years Top 100.


81. David Guetta & Nicky Romero – Metropolis (Original Mix) [Link]

This track is a mix between Swedish House Mafia’s “Greyhound” and Albin Myers’ “Hells Bells” and yet it came before both of them. While David Guetta may not be the worlds’ favorite right now, his collaboration with Nicky Romero cannot be overlooked.

80. Basto – Again and Again (Original Mix)[Link]

Certainly one of Basto’s most recognized originals, this upbeat jam makes the even the most unfamiliar well-acquainted with the taste and style of Basto. I can’t seem to get enough of this track.


79. Starkillers & Nadia Ali – Keep It Coming (Basto Remix) [Link]

Starkillers, for one reason or another have remained on the back burner for the past couple years. Releasing hit after hit and coordinating with killer vocalists (Nadia Ali for example) just doesn’t seem to cut it, but we love them none the less. Basto returns again with his signature style to up the ante.


78. Nicky Romero & NERVO – Like Home (Gregor Salto Remix) [Link]

You will find NERVO again and again on this list. They’re style is crazily addicting and “Like Home” was an absolute huge one this year. If Gregor Salto was able to get his remix out at a better time, he could have done some serious damage with it. WOW.


77. Aiden Grimshaw – Is This Love (DubVision Remix) [Link]

DubVision made one hell of a debut this year. Beginning with their Moby inspired original mix, “All By Myself” (which you will find in part 3), the now Axtone affiliate continues his shutter filled synths into his remix of Aiden Grimshaw’s “Is This Love”


76. Spencer & Hill feat. Ari – Surrender (Original Mix) [Link]

“Surrender” is the perfect song to show someone who is unfamiliar with the work of Spencer and Hill, and the vocal of Ari. While both Quintino and Bassjackers tried to take a stab at it, neither were able to pull off anything concrete.


75. Sean Paul – She Doesn’t Mind (Gregori Klosman Remix) [Link]

THIS TRACK. Gregori Klosman came out of hiding this year, sparking a wave of synth patterns, and a large handful of swag jackers, but was still able to hold the reigns with his bouncy yet grinding synth lines and party styled progressive electro. This is one of my all time favorite remixes of his and easily one of his best from 2012.


74. Gabriel amp; Dresden feat. Betsie Larkin – Play It Back (Maor Levi Remix) [Link]

People will argue this is trance and event that is wasn’t released in 2012 but there is no way I am allowing it to be overlooked. Maor Levi is a god among producers and along with Andrew Rayel is one of the most promising of his kind. This remix, while more crossover than not, possesses the emotion and energy found in ASOT’s best. Keep it up kiddo.


73. Example – Close Enemies (Jacob Liedholm Remix) [Link]

As mentioned earlier, this year has been astonishing for this particular young Swede. His progressive talent will be remember and documented as it already has been by the likes of Pete Tong and many others. Liedholm pushes closer to the number 1 spot.


72. Lazy Rich & Hirshee feat. Amba Shepard – Damage Control (Original Mix) [Link]

Definitely a more electro-house based track, “Damage Control” looked at first to be just another smash Lazy Rich hit that would be passed up, flying over most people’s heads. However after getting play time from Knife Party and other major acts, this original was able to stay afloat nicely this past summer. Amba Shepard is also awesome, as always.


71. TJR – Ode To Oi (Original Mix) [Link]

While not exactly the most progressive of house tracks, TJR needs to be acknowledge for sticking to his roots, while not helping Pitbull with his album. If nothing else this original (which is still on Beatport’s Top 10) brought Melbourne Bounce to the limelight and kept us all happy for the past month.


70. Spencer & Hill – Just Dance Now (LA Riots Remix) [Link]

Similar in time frame to Gregori Klosman’s remix of Sean Paul, this party banger brought us to our feet throughout this past school year and gave a serious boost to LA Riots exposure.


69. Miike Snow – Paddling Out (Wolfgang Gartner Remix) [Link]

Whether it the decision making of his manager, his personal philosophy or the tone deaf consumer, Wolfgang Gartner just doesn’t seem to make it past his level of national recognition. His remixes and originals all display a unique style and exceptional talent and his work on “Paddling Out” brought him the most review this past year.


68. Sander Van Doorn – Nothing Inside (Club Mix) [Link]

Sander Van Doorn has been around for a while now, but his drive grew exponential this past year. Somehow he was able to bring his style and following to the next level and most directly through tracks like “Nothing Inside”. Capitalizing off the bold guitar styled synths, Sander and vocalist Mayaeni changed the game with this here.


67. Third Party vs Cicada – Feel (Original Mix) [Link]

I love the approach Third Party takes; always feel-good and uplifting in nature, the Size Records duo has definitely found their niche. “Feel” was one of their breakout originals and turned out to be a big symbol for Size Records this past year.cre


66. EDX feat. John Williams– Give It Up For Love (Mysto & Pizzi Remix) [Link]

Mysto & Pizzi, unfortunately are content being a one hit wonder group. After their “Who’s Watching” track took off with Gieco, they decided to take their talents into behind the scenes producing and ghost writing. However, we were able to get this gem out of them before their departure. If I could put this at number 1, I would; it is the perfect progressive house release.


65. Morgan Page – Body Work (Lazy Rich Remix) [Link]

Morgan Page seemed to have gotten insufferable writers block, although, luckily for him, Lazy Rich was able to pick up the slack. Creating a monster, Lazy Rich used the theme of the track to produce one his most recognizable hits and one of this past years most treasured. You need this.


64. Adrian Lux feat. Lune – Fire (Original Mix) [Link]

Adrain Lux is a disastrous introvert, and because of that his momentum drags an anchor with it. His music tells no lies and wreeks of talent, yet his strive to gain a following is noticeably lacking. Tracks like this past year’s “Fire” along with R3hab’s mix acted as the ‘floaties’ keeping him in the game. Get this man a new contract!


63. Laidback Luke & Wynter Gordon – Speak Up (Chris Lake Remix) [Link]

Speaking of tracks you need, Chris Lake’s mix of “Speak Up” is a down right classic. Just listen.


62. The Wanted – Chasing The Sun (Hardwell Remix) [Link]

The Wanted made a great debut this year but without help from Hardwell this track wouldn’t see the light of blog`s. A huge part of 2012, Hardwell’s style progressed and skipped around to match the public interest, as seen with “Chasing The Sun”.


61. Rihanna – Where Have You Been (Hardwell Edit) [Link]

The same can be said bout “Where Have You Been”. It is unclear whether or not Hardwell had influence over the original but his edit undefinably changed the song for the better. This isn’t the last you’ll see of Hardwell on this list.

60. Sultan & Ned Shepard – Walls (Original Mix)[Link]

What began as a dance track in early 2012 has since turned into a Top 40 hit across the United States. We’re still unsure how to feel about Sultan & Ned Shepard on the radio but can’t help but love “Walls”.


59. Calvin Harris feat. Ne-Yo – Let’s Go (Calvin Harris Remix) [Link]

Calvin Harris has had an incredible run this past year and with his recent release of his “18 Months” album, he’s not slowing down. Getting as much radio time as David Guetta, and half the hate, Calvin finds time for his true EDM fans with a remix to his original, “Let’s Go” with Ne-Yo.


58. Ellie Goulding – Lights (Feenixpawl Remi)[Link]

Ellie Goulding, Ellie Goulding, where have you gone? Besides her short lived relationship with Skrillex, this track is one of the few singles she impressed us with. Feenixpawl took the opportunity to bring it back this past year with a progressive anthem, that gained much support.


57. Deniz Koyu feat. Wynter Gordon – Follow You (Original Mix) [Link]

Changing the pace from his simplistic style, Koyu shoots for the uplifting synth patterns that are able to captivate the live audiences so well. Bringing in trophy vocalist Wynter Gordon, this piece slipped out a little too easily, showing off a whole other side to him.


56. M-3ox feat. Heirdun – Beating Of My Heart (Matisse & Sadko Remix) [Link]

This had to be one of if not THE break out track for Russian duo Matisse & Sadko, and it is done to perfection. From the vocals to the melodies, everything seems to work in this remix and it certainly turned a lot of heads.


55. W&W – Lift Off (Original Mix) [Link]

I am glad that W&W brought the tempo down to 128 for this one, so I could add it to my list. W&W are a big part of the future of Trance but showed us they are much more with this one. If their bootlegs and remixes of Trance’s biggest hits weren’t already doing enough damage they sure brought the worlds eyes onto them with their latest.


54. John Dahlback – Embrace Me (Dirty South Remix) [Link]

A Dirty South and John Dahlback piece? What more could you ask for? This track was one of Dahlback’s last progressive feel good bangers before taking a turn into Dim Mak, side projects and more tech house releases. I was surprised by the collaboration and not at all by the outcome; the two make a great team.


53. Norman Doray & NERVO – Something To Believe In (Hard Rock Sofa Remix) [Link]

As usual, this NERVO release was set to be an absolute classic. While Norman Doray took the energy down just a tad, Hard Rock Sofa were ready to blast the levels back up with their unique take the track. An unforgettable vocal meets an unforgettable synth. BAM.


52. Afrojack – Rock The House (Original Mix) [Link]

Say what you will about Afrojack, his material insecurity, controversial dating patterns and loss of originality but don’t do so without first either playing his songs at your next house party or seeing him live. You know you love it.


51. Hard Rock Sofa & Swanky Tunes – Here We Go (Original Mix) [Link]

I wonder how many tracks these Russians have done together now, it must be over a dozen. The Russian big room dream team comes together once again with “Here We Go”, an overplayed, over anticipated festival track that we can’t get enough of./i>


50. Dirty South & Alesso – City of Dreams (Original Mix) [Link]

Dirty South and Alesso need to make more tracks together. Both with similar smile creating styles, Australia and Sweden yet again to pull of a stunt that we all looked forward to for weeks. Without an established vocal, the two used acoustic-like notes to create a dreamy emotional progressive wonder child.


49. DubVision – All By Myself (Original Mix) [Link]

Upon first hearing this, I was left conflicted, sour about the theft of a classic Moby track and curious as to who DubVision even was. However after the shutters and breaks of the chorus, its hard not love this break out single. (Later I learn that Moby never copyrights his work and encourages its use).


48. Nicky Romero & ZROQ – WTF?! (Original Mix) [Link]

This track marked the break out of ZROQ to the world and debuted his signature style. This track is great, I just wish we could say that about his handful of R3hab collabs that followed.


47. Eric Turner vs Avicii – Dancing In My Head (Tom Hangs Remix) [Link]

It is becoming hard to differentiate between Avicii, Tom Hangs and Tim Berg and yet I don’t hear anyone complaining. This Tom Hangs showcase was fantastic and produced with the upmost class. Shouts Tim.


46. Martin Solveig – A Night Out (A-Trak Remix) [Link]

No list is complete without a mention of “A Night Out” and for us, the A-Trak remix. To add his personal grinding synth to the popularity contest, veteran producer, DJ and label owner showed us he’s still got it with this massive take on Solveig’s single. Its not often we get a genre cross over like this so cherish the moment.


45. The Naked and Famous – Young Blood (Tiesto & Hardwell Remix) [Link]

This was a bold move for the two to take on. Such an inspired vocal track, redone by two of Dance music’s most followed acts had to be delivered with caution but in the end the two pulled off something great and we were all pleased with the result. With a such a short life span, I wouldn’t be surprised if this one slipped by many of you so grab it now!


44. Shinedown – Unity (Matisse & Sadko Remix) [Link]

Who’s Shinedown? Who cares. Matisse & Sadko follow up their remix of “Beating of my Heart” with this magnificent piece that most likely didn’t see the light of day for more than a week or two, unfortunately. Add this to your list of new favorites.


43. Hook N Sling & NERVO – Reason (Original Mix) [Link]

Hook N Sling have been champions ever since their release of “Take You Higher”, their version of Angus & Julia Stone’s “Big Jet Plane”. An original collaboration with NERVO was exactly what they needed to make a come back and exactly what we always hoped for. This most recent NERVO smash wrapped up the year nicely for the twins, and wow what a SICK outcome.


42. Fedde le Grand & Deniz Koyu – Turn It (Original Mix) [Link]

Fedde le Grand, like Eric Prydz, Erick Morrillo and others, is a god of House music. Whether or not we can say that about Deniz Koyu is still unknown but their work together was superb and we can only ask for more. It seems simple but with the proper system this sound goes off.


41. Pryda – SW4 (Original Mix) [Link]

Ah, speaking of House gods. Eric Prydz, or Pryda for this song and style must have had fun at Southwest Four this past year, for naming a song after a festival takes a lot. HUGE track, huge sound.


40. Fedde le Grand & Sparks feat. Matthew Koma (Turn Off Your Mind) (Original Mix)[Link]


39. Swanky Tunes & Hardwell – The Edge (Original Mix) [Link]


38. Avicii & NERVO – You’re Gonna Love Again (Original Mix)[Link]


37. Tiesto & Wolfgang Gartner – We Own The Night (Original Mix) [Link]


36. Sander Van Doorn & Julian Jordan – Kangaroo (Original Mix) [Link]


35. Calvin Harris feat. Example We’ll Be Coming Back (Original Mix) [Link]


34. Hardwell & Showtek – How We Do (Original Mix) [Link]


33. Tiesto – Chasing Summers (Original Miami Mix) [Link]


32. Fedde le Grand – Metrum (Original Mix) [Link]

31. Bingo Players – Mode (Original Mix) [Link]

30. Afrojack & Steve Aoki – No Beef (Original Mix) [Link]


29. Florence + The Machine – Spectrum (Calvin Harris Remix) [Link]

28. Keane – Silenced By The Night (Alesso Remix) [Link]


27. Avicii vs Lenny Kravitz -Superlove (Original Mix) [Link]

26. Swedish House Mafia – Greyhound (Original Mix) [Link]


25. Alesso – Years (Original Mix) [Link]


24. Qulinez – Troll (Original) [Link]

23. Birdy – Skinny Love (Denzal Park Remix) [Link]


22. Hardwell – Apollo (Original Mix) [Link]


21. Porter Robinson – Language (Original Mix) [Link]


20. Gotye feat. Kimbra – Somebody I Used To Know (Wulf & Bernard.S Remix) [Link]


19. Tiesto & Showtek – Hell Yeah (Original Mix) [Link]


18. Otto Knows- Million Voices (Original Mix) [Link]


17. Deniz Koyu – Bong (Original Mix) [Link]


16. Hard Rock Sofa – Quasar (Original Mix) [Link]


15. Dada Life – Feed The Dada (Original Mix)[Link]


14. Bingo Players – Out Of My Mind (Original Mix) [Link]


13. Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Trash – Reload (Original Mix) [Link]


12. Deadmau5 – The Veldt (Tommy Trash Remix) [Link]


11. Dirty South & Thomas Gold – Eyes Wide Open (Original Mix) [Link]


10. Afrojack & Shermanology – Can’t Stop Me Now (Original Mix) [Link]


9. Porter Robinson & Mat Zo – Easy (Original Mix) [Link]


8. Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso – Calling (Lose My Mind)(Original Mix)[Link]


7. Avicii -Silhouettes (Original Mix) [Link]


6. Hardwell – Spaceman (Original Mix) [Link]


5. Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl – In My Mind (Axwell Mix) [Link]


4. Zedd feat. Matthew Koma – Spectrum (Original Mix) [Link]


3. Nicky Romero – Generation 303 (Original Mix) [Link]


2. Nari & Milani – Atom (Original Mix) [Link]


1. Swedish House Mafia – Don’t You Worry Child (Original Mix) [Link]